i admit i have standards

This dude Trent insists that "irregardless" is a word. See, my problem is this: it's not so much that it isn't a word, but that it's illogical. "Irregardless" means the opposite of what's intended. When you think you're saying "without regard," you are, in fact, saying "with regard." It just doesn't make sense to say "irregardless." The two negatives (the prefix "ir-" and suffix "-less") cancel each other out. My mother says "irregardless" all the time, no matter how many times I correct her. It's kind of like when someone says, "I could care less." Really? So, you do care, then? Sure, most people don't notice or care about these errors, but there are those of us who do. And behind closed doors, we endlessly make fun of you.