The other night I'm talking with this girl named Chrissy on AIM. She wants to send me some new pictures so I say cool. She sends them and I say, "Cool, thanks." Okay, me and Chrissy aren't together or anything. As far as I know she doesn't like me. So I don't understand what happens next. She says, "I'm sorry for sending the pix. I knew I shouldn't have sent them." I ask her why she's saying that and she says never mind. I ask her what's wrong and she says she's going to go. I ask her to wait and tell me what's the matter, but she just repeats that she's going to go. So I say okay and tell her I'll talk to her later. But she doesn't sign out. I'm not really in the mood to play this game with her; I wish she would just say it. I know she's mad at me because I didn't compliment her, not her pictures per se, but her. So our chat window just sits there for like ten minutes until it starts blinking. Again, she's saying that she's sorry for sending the pictures and I tell her she shouldn't be sorry about that. Then she mocks me by typing "'cool, thx.'" I laugh and type, "You're really annoyed with me, aren't you?" She says that she is and then says, "Just kidding." I tell her that I doubt she's kidding and this is where it gets ugly. She tells me that she is annoyed with me, that I'm a "total asshole" and that I always go out of my way to be one. She tells me that the reason I'm single again is because no one can deal with how big an asshole I am. She tells me that she's a nice person and that she's always there for me, but that I'm always just a dick to her. I don't know what to say, so I say nothing, which just bothers her more. I mean, what do you say to something like that? There's not much you can say that'll ameliorate the problem at that point. I understand she's really mad at me and I know I can be a really, really difficult person to know. She tells me that she wishes I would just say one nice thing about her. I tell her, "Chrissy, you always think I'm bullshitting you whenever I say something nice, so it's difficult for me to say anything nice to you now." She disputes this, but I counter by pointing out that she said exactly that just the other night. She tells me to say something nice to her, but now I feel that it will be completely fake since she is telling me to. She doesn't say anything for a while and then this huge block of text appears, wherein she says that when she first met me she liked me a lot and that she was "totally infatuated" with me because I was "mysterious," but also "genuine." But now I'm just a "total asshole" who's "impossible to figure out." She tells me that she's a good person, which she is. She tells me she deserves a lot better, which she does.

The point: anyone who says that women always go for assholes obviously knows jack shit about women.