"hey! ya got the time?"

today is gena rowlands' birthday. i have no idea how old she is, though. this image is from a woman under the influence, captured + uploaded by someone at the reverse shot site. you should go there + read an essay on a woman under the influence.

related: reverse shot is one of the few decent film sites out there. they're spot-on in eviscerating that fucking blowhard asshole armond "kill all nihilists" white. and they haven't gulped down the sparkling kool-aid offered by the burgeoning cult ov bujalski. however, they seem to have some kind of bone to pick w/ boston u's ray carney, which i don't get since carney is one of the few who knows his shit, sees through the pablum, and refuses to pull any punches about what's what. not to mention his tireless championing of cassavetes' work. and, you know, that whole tracking-down-and-finding-that-rare-cut-of-shadows thing. i definitely do not agree w/ everything carney says, but so what? (for example: i couldn't disagree w/ him more when it comes to bujalski.) he relishes differences of opinion. what i like about him is that he actually has arguments for why one film is better than another, as opposed to, "well, it's just my taste, blah blah." having said that, though, he doesn't seem interested in fighting against the system and tearing it down. he knows that revolutions just replace one system w/ another + before you know it people will be revolting against what was once the fringe. personally, i think it's great that there are popcorn movies + the last thing in the world i'd want is a cinema full of jim jarmusches. but that doesn't mean that i'm going to go netflix aquamarine or whatever. i'm reasonably certain that movie sucks.