more frey stuff

Here's a link to a few clips of the Oprah show wherein she more or less hands Frey his ass. Honestly, I feel kind of bad for the guy. I think what he did was wrong, and I think he knows that he fucked up, but it seems like he just got caught up in something he can't get out of. I mean, I think it was deliberate on his part, but I empathize because we've all been in the situation where we've lied and the lie gets out of hand.

There's also an article and more clips at Salon, if you feel like sitting through the ads. Someone in the letters section to this particular Salon story defended Frey by saying that all memoirs are subject to possible faulty memory and to lay off, blah blah blah. No one is disputing that memory is often faulty; that's not the issue here. In the book, Frey claims to have been in jail for 80 some odd days when in reality he was in for a few hours. That isn't a problem of recall, it's a problem of blatantly pulling shit out of his ass. This further complicates matters because Frey's extended stay in jail was the reason he couldn't save Lily from killing herself. Kind of hard for that to have happened, you know, when you were only in prison for a few hours. This goes beyond someone's memory being fuzzy and straight into someone just plumb bullshitting. This is what I mean about a lie getting out of hand. I think Frey is lying about Lily killing herself and you can see it when Oprah asks him how she actually did it. There is a pause, as if he is trying to think of something really quick to say, but it is also a look of trepidation, and this look, at least to me, says that even he can't believe he's dug a hole this deep.

You know that agent007 thread I linked to in my previous post on Frey? Well, it seems some people are unclear about the post I wrote there. I parodied postmodernism and wrote a ridiculous bullshit post calling truth into question and mocking some of the more retarded defenses of Frey (e.g., that someone who publishes a memoir and appears on Oprah has the right to privacy about information he's volunteered; HUH?). Someone said they checked out my blog and couldn't reconcile my two positions. I only have one position: I think the Frey memoir is bullshit. I'm not going to write another post there and clear this up, though. The post is my whole point: when people promote postmodernism, can you trust that they are genuine in their position?