what happened to a.m. homes?

A.M. Homes' new novel has an extremely ambitious title -- "This Book Will Save Your Life" -- and an extremely ambitious goal: to transform this middle-aged, isolated, fabulously wealthy former workaholic into a man with a sense of identity and meaning in his life, all in a matter of weeks.

"He wants to be heroic, larger than life -- rescue people from burning buildings, leap over rooftops," Homes writes. "And he wants people to notice him ... How does a middle-aged Joe become anything, much less a superhero?"

Ugh, this sounds horrible. Maybe Michiko is right about this one. And, shit, it's already been optioned as a movie. Not surprising, since this basically sounds like an even schlockier version of that foul Kevin Kline turd, Life as a House. Remember that one? Goodness.