belligerent ghouls

went to the smiths/morrissey convention at the henry ford in hollywood last night. it was all right. not bad. some cute girls. one girl was wearing a tight skirt + she had the biggest, roundest, hottest ass i've seen in a while. okay, sorry. i just had to write that out.

i've never understood wearing a band tee to a show/convention/whatever of the band you're seeing. i mean, isn't it a given that you're into them? but it was just a sea of smiths/morrissey tees wherever you looked. i was rocking my red circa '70s miles davis funk tee. stuck out like a sore thumb. well, that + the fact that i was, like, one of the only four black guys there. there were some real hipster douches there, though. couple of karen o look-alikes. i didn't actually think people really copied her look. thought that was just something journalists exaggerated. but what else do you expect in h-wood? anyway, when we arrived there, my brother said, "uh oh, we're not dressed cool enough," and i said, "speak for yrself, bitch-- it doesn't get any more goddamn cooler than miles."
"good point."

of course, i wound up hanging w/ these girls who didn't have any cigarettes. so we all took turns bumming off others, then sharing between the three of us (my brother doesn't smoke). one of the girls was all, "you don't toss salads or anything, do you?" and i was like, "yeah, sure," + then she freaked + wouldn't let me drag. so i had to lie + say, "oh, i'm only kidding." not only do i toss salads, but there were some salads i saw last night i'd like to have tossed.

i had eyeball-sex w/ a couple of girls. all of them were hot, but they were w/ their boyfriends. one in particular stood out. i was in the back, watching the cover band, and this dude w/ his girlfriend walks by me. she's holding his hand, walking behind him a little bit. i'm looking at her because she's pretty cute, she meets my gaze, looks away, then looks back at me and eyeballs my ass hard for a few good moments before she was gone. there are casual glances, there are absentminded gazes, there are curious looks, and then there's that look + there was no mistaking it.

so it was cool.