the internets have officially jumped the shark

Tried other friend or dating sites only to be disappointed? You know the drill. You go on the site, you see a HOT picture, you talk and then.... You meet in person. Turns out that "HOT picture" was a glamor shots photo from 6 years ago and besides it was just a head shot anyways.

Yeah, it's happened to us. That's why we created PodDater.
PodDater is a new way to find a friend or a date. You make a video profile, add it to your profile, share it with others and you download video profiles to your iPod.

PodDater!? Okay, I've met people via the internet and whatever, but this is a little much. Instead of shilling for Corporation You in a video and uploading it to a site so other narcissists can rapidly skip onto the next profile, why not just, uh, you know, go outside? I know it's fucking hard meeting people in "real life," but try it. Quit being so fucking afraid of rejection and just go up to someone and say something honest. Yes, you'll get shot down, but so what? Happens to the best of us. You don't always get it your way, tragically.