Quentin Tarantino has reportedly signed on to direct the long-awaited Jimi Hendrix biopic. The movie maker is huge fan of the script of the film, according to producers at Dragonslayer Films, and will team up with Hendrix's brother Leon to tell the story of the guitar great's life.

Tarantino will have full access to Hendrix's music and likeness when he starts shooting is scheduled to begin later this year in Seattle, Washington; New York, Toronto, Canada; and London.

Senior executive producer Elle Von Lear has access to interviews and live footage of the rock legend, which will be incorporated in the film.

Damn. This could be amazing. Well, I hope it's true for starters. Rock biopics can be really good or really horrible, but I think Tarantino could do something exceptional. Personally, I think I should play Jimi and here are my reasons:

1. I'm an awesome guitar player and can play most of his songs
2. I look like him, but I'd have to lose like 20-30lbs cuz Jimi was a fucking rail
3. I know everything there is to know about him
4. Fucking A
5. It's just a no-brainer
6. C'mon, how many other black guys can play guitar as well?
7. Prince is too old and Andre 3000 can't play guitar!