feeling bad is the new feel good

I'm really glad United 93 was made because I had, like, totally forgotten about that whole "9/11 thing." Before I had heard about the movie I was like, "9 what? 9/11? You mean September 11, 1973, when Chile's democratically-elected president, Salvadore Allende, was ousted in a military coup, usurped by the military dictator, Augusto Pinochet, under whom thousands of Chileans 'disappeared'? All this, by the way, instigated and aided by the U.S. government? You mean that 9/11?"


"Oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhh, September 11, 2001. Yeah, that whole plane thing. Right, right, totally forgot about that! Thx United 93. Also, thx to the sloven hordes of movie reviewers who, across the fucking board, shamelessly fellated United 93, aka, The Greatest Fucking Movie Ever Made About the Greatest Tragedy Ever to Befall the Greatest Race of Human Beings the World Has Ever Seen. The Day the Earth Stood Still, Part II."

Yay freedom of speech. Yay film criticism.