mr. lisa loeb

Lisa Loeb is really hot. It puzzles me why someone so hot is single. When I was a teen, a girl I was dating asked me to go see Sarah McLachlan with her at the UCI campus. Lisa Loeb was opening. (McLachlan, by the way, has a surprisingly foul mouth.) Whilst standing in line before the show, Lisa was chilling with fans/signing autographs in an enclosed area about 50 feet away. She was wearing these sweet tight pants and I was totally dumbfounded by how big and hot her butt was. (Big butts are always a very, very good thing.)

Thus began my intense infatuation with Lisa Loeb.

Oooooh, I have a great idea! I'll be Lisa Loeb's boyfriend. Some stuff we have in common: we play guitar, wear glasses, and as I understand it, Lisa's a half-assed vegetarian. Good enough, I suppose. Also, I am hot and cool and going places. I watched some of her new show on E!, and the guys on it were real douches. It would behoove her to go out with me, as I could give her tons of street cred.

Props to Justin for supplying me with my "medicine" for the day.